Fixed investment 7.85 % interest p. a. - how?


As a condominium developer we have some buyer asking for financing. Banking institutions often require a lot of paperwork and it's nearly impossible for foreigners to get a private housing loan, even at the Thai banks high interest of nearly 9%. To keep it easy - we offer these buyers the solution of investor financing.

Example: The buyer purchases a MAXX condominium for 1,290,000 Baht. He pays an initial down payment of 390,000 (30 %) and signs a loan of 900,000 Baht which he pays back in 180 monthly instalments of 9,590 Baht. The buyer's payments cover interest of 5,887.50 Baht per month (7.85% p.a.), principal amortization and our handling fee of 2.0%.

As a developer we are not a banking institution but interested in expanding our business opening the chance to involve private investment partner. To the investors benefit we hand over the interest payments of 7.85% p.a. in full.

So if, for example, you are the investor of 900,000 Baht, you will receive the interest payments of 5,887.50 Baht monthly to your bank account. If you add compound interest on your annual interest received of 70,650 Baht your ROI is higher than 8%.

All financed units are overseen by us in a credit fund, which means that your investment is not bounded to just only one property. So you are flexible in your investment decision. Whether you invest 300,000 Baht or 3,000,000 Baht your interest is paid by the collective of all credit taking buyers - 7,85 % per annum - fix and secure.

Secure investment?

Yes, it's 100 % secure. It's backed up by the buyer's property until he paid off all debts. If he fails to make the contractual payments, all his rights on the property will be waived and his unit will be sold to someone else.

Monthly pay offs - guaranteed?

Yes, it's guaranteed. MAXX is your trustee and guarantor. We keep the titles of deed of the financed units until the buyer paid back the loan. We take care for the accounting and handle the monthly transactions. And - you never need to worry about delays. Your interest payments will be made by MAXX cash or to your bank account on exactly the contracted day. Every month. Guaranteed.

How long my money is fixed and is there a minimum amount?

Yes, there is a minimum investment amount of 250,000 Baht and the minimum runtime is 12 months. But you even can withdraw your invested amount or a part of it anytime with a prior notice of 6 weeks.*

Do I have to wait to invest with MAXX?

No, you don't need to wait. MAXX has current credit users and new buyers with financing demand. Upon the refinance volume of property loans is reached you will be able to take part and invest.

When do I get my first interest payments?

Example: You invest 1,000,000 Baht on January 10 at 7.85% (78,500 Baht) interest per annum. You will receive your monthly interest payments of 6,541.66 Baht beginning from February 10.

Why is MAXX doing that offer?

Banks - despite of high housing loan rates - mainly don't cover our market of foreign buyers with financing demand. But as a developer we intend to serve all types of condominium buyers and make the sale to continue our growth. That's why we invite you to close the gap and take the bank's profit!

Don't hesitate
be a part of MAXX!

Info Tel. 0066 (0)8 4009 7009

  • Limited offer. Only till fund is closed.
  • Financing & Investment available for MAXX owned properties only
  • * cancellation fee 3 % of the withdrawn amount will be charged.