MAXX Buy & Invest

Since more than 12 years MAXX specialize in developing and renting serviced condos. All our luxury hotel-styled properties are well-located in Central Pattaya offering five star facilities and services under European Management.

MAXX is well trusted by international condominium buyers and investors for steadily maintaining its buildings, appreciation in condominium value and realising high ROI through occupancy rates of 90% per annum.

Whether you want to buy a boutique condominium to live in it yourself or you're just looking for a secure property investment with steady return - MAXX is your first choice in Pattaya.

MAXXCENTRAL Condos for Sale

Make your dream come true! Buy your very own MAXXCENTRAL Studio Apartment or 1-Bedroom-Suite in the heart of Pattaya now. All condos are luxury furnished and fully equipped - 100 % ready to move in! → more

Buy for rent

Buying a condominium to let is a 100% secure investment. If you buy a property at MAXXCENTRAL our service team takes care about your tenants, check-ins, check-outs and the maintenance of your property. This way you don't even need to stay in Thailand to make your money work for you. Our professional, full-service rental management guarantees high occupancy, steady rental income and appreciation of your property value... → more


You want to boost your pension by investing? Generate additional monthly income with MAXX... → more

Under 50 Plan

You are under 50 and want to live in Thailand? Investing with MAXX under 50 provides you monthly income, a normal life with work permit, insurance, 1-year-visa and a good reputation... → more

Fixed-Plan 7.85%

You just want to flexibly invest without buying? MAXX pays its investors interest of 7.85 % per annum - fix and 100 % secure... → more