Retire Plan

Make your dream come real: Retire now in Thailand and live well ...

All you need is a monthly pension or income that covers your expenses, like anywhere else in the world.

You get already a sufficient pension from your government (sufficient for foreigners living in Thailand to receive a "retirement visa" is an amount of 800,000 Baht per annum respectively 67,000 Baht monthly or about 1,950 US$ or 1,700 Euro)? - If your monthly pension covers that amount you can be happy, because living in Thailand will be very easy and comfortable for you. With 67,000 Baht per month you will get a permanent 1-year-visa and you can live very, very well compared with a life elsewhere on that "little" money. But read more, maybe you want to lift your monthly income to live above-average...

If your monthly pension or income is not sufficient, e. g. because you've been self-employed or you just don't want to work till you reach the retirement age of 65 up, MAXX can offer you a possibility to compensate the missing monthly amount by rental income. But you will need some capital.

E.g.: You want to retire now at the age of 53. You have no pension? But you are able to fix approximately 150,000 Euro (200,000 US$)? - Then you don't need to worry anymore. Invest the money and buy condominiums for let. Buying for example 4 studios at MAXXCENTRAL will produce you between 54,000 and 126,000 Baht per month, respectively between 1,385 Euro and 3,230 Euro or 1,636 US$ (at least!) and 3,818 US$ monthly rental income.

Sure, 150,000 Euro or 200,000 US$ is a lot of money. But if you have this amount available and you invest it wisely, you can live from the monthly rental income. Very well. Without additional work. Welcome to the Land Of Smiles!

For additional information please see also buy4rent, send us an email, use our contact form or just call us at +66 (0)8 4009 7009.

*Note: Exchange rates may vary. Calculation based on 1 EUR = 39 THB, 1 US$ = 33 THB