Under 50 Plan

You are too young to get a retirement visa?

But you want to live in Thailand from the money you have?

Then you should mind not to use your initial capital for your various living expenses. Your capital will become less and less. In Thailand that can happen very fast. Especially if you are not working and just enjoy the countless beauties of this country.

Make your money work for you! Investing in property for let is a secure way to produce monthly income for your living in Thailand. Additionally you are counteracting the inflation through the steady appreciation of your properties value.

We can offer you a complete "income package": You buy e. g. 4 studio condominiums at MAXXCENTRAL and we open your own condominium rental company for you. You are enabled to get a work permit and the monthly rental income in a range between 50,000.- and 120,000.- Baht per month pays your salary of at least 50,000 Baht per month. And the main advantages:

→ You will get a 1-year-visa, social insurance and a good reputation! ←

For additional information please see also buy4rent, send us an email, use our contact form or just call us at +66 (0)8 4009 7009.

*Note: Exchange rates may vary. Calculation based on 1 EUR = 39 THB, 1 US$ = 33 THB